Don't waste your summer. Instead,

Go DEEP into:

- the LIBERAL ARTS tradition

- the CATHOLIC faith

- the BIG QUESTIONS of life

- the JOY of friendships

- the BEAUTY of the New Hampshire mountains

The Magdalen Summer Programs offer curious high school students the opportunity to spend two weeks in the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire. There, participants will read from great books and study the liberal arts with Magdalen professors, in the context of small groups of peers wrestling with the big questions of life. They will go deep into the sacraments and participate in the beautiful liturgies for which Magdalen is known.  And they will engage in our favorite extra-curricular activities, including hiking, canoeing, dancing, singing, and visiting historic Boston.

 Choose one of two Summer Program sessions: The Alpha Session (June 19 – July 2) introduces students to a variety of disciplines in the Magdalen curriculum, including literature, philosophy, theology, and politics. The Omega Session (July 10 – 23) enables students to dive deep into one immersion course of their choice for college credit. Classes in both sessions are taught primarily by Socratic-style seminar discussion.

 Go deep and experience Magdalen’s call to a transformative pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty this summer!

Due to record enrollment, our 2022 Collegiate Summer Programs have sold out.

Please check back in the fall to register for our 2023 offerings.

– The Collegiate Summer Programs are based on a recognition that there are human experiences of concern to all of us (the significance of freedom and justice, of suffering, joy, mortality, vocation, sacrifice, friendship, family). These are the subjects of the great works we discuss in the classroom, in an experience of learning, which, received with joy, can be transformative of us all.

- Dr. Mary K. Mumbach
Academic Director of the Collegiate Summer Program

– I liked the freedom that was given in the classes for students to discuss and even argue points. I had not experienced this in any other summer programs to date. I also liked the balance of class time, work, leisure time, and excursions.

– One of the things I loved most of all is how central the Faith is in your day. That is really special.

- Participants
2021 Collegiate Summer Programs