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In the Bleak Midwinter:
Announcing the Polyphony Choir’s December 2022 Tour

In five different states & seven cities, Magdalen’s acclaimed 20-voice Polyphony Choir will present a concert of sacred music for Advent and Christmastide. It features the works of Byrd, Palestrina, Victoria, Joubert, Darke, Todd, and...

Magdalen College Newsletter
Autumn 2022

Did you know that this autumn: 1) Magdalen launched ‘formal halls’ in the tradition of Oxford & Cambridge, 2) ACTA awarded our curriculum a perfect score, 3) the Magdalen College Choir sang at a Eucharistic...

Renewal of Consecration
to the Blessed Trinity

  On Sunday, October 9 Magdalen College was re-consecrated to the Blessed Trinity. Last year the original consecration occurred as the culminating event of our Welcome Weekend—a special gathering of faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni,...

Writing the Light:
Studying Iconography in Greece

The Orthodox tradition speaks of “writing” rather than “painting” icons. Several Magdalen students and graduates recently enjoyed a fascinating opportunity to “Write the Light” in Greece. The occasion was the Summer Iconography School taught by...

Chopped! Cook Off:
Magdalen Edition

Father Paul Dumais, from my home state of Maine wrote, “One expression of the transformation made possible in Christ is an increased capacity for joy.” With Magdalen’s emphasis on the education of the whole person,...

Cardinal Newman Society Features Prof. Anthony Esolen & President Ryan Messmore

“Magdalen is for those who have an inkling that the world is enchanted with beauty and meaning and want an education that will help them explore it at a deeper level.” So argue Prof. Anthony...


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