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A Different College Experience

At Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts, students experience an education that is transformative. Whether in the classroom, the chapel, the mountains of New Hampshire, or the cultural centers of New England, our students undertake an extraordinary journey that shares very little with what passes for college or university education today. Taking its models from antiquity and the rich traditions of the Catholic Church, the college invites its students to undertake a formation of the complete person that will enable them to live out their unique call to greatness. At Magdalen College, you can experience true friendship within a close-knit community animated by a joyful pursuit of wisdom.

If you are committed to a life of faith, meaning, and purpose then don’t wait until after college graduation to take the first steps. Let your college experience be the beginning of that journey. We invite you to join our amazing community where you will “put out into the deep.”

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Admissions Director

Michele McKenna

Michele McKenna

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Admissions Officer

John Coleman

John Coleman

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An Integrated Catholic Education

The education offered by Magdalen College draws its power from the integration of a variety of sources and the way these are brought together into a single experience that unfolds over four years.

A Unique Community

We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to Magdalen College and invite you to go deeper with your Catholic education. Our students pursue wisdom in a spirit of friendship, animated by a communion of faith, bringing the intellect and imagination to their full realization. Our community is truly unlike any other.

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