Renewal of Consecration
to the Blessed Trinity

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to the Blessed Trinity


On Sunday, October 9 Magdalen College was re-consecrated to the Blessed Trinity. Last year the original consecration occurred as the culminating event of our Welcome Weekend—a special gathering of faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, and prospective students that takes place each fall.

As we welcomed over 100 guests to this year’s Welcome Weekend, we again committed the College to the care and protection of the Blessed Trinity. Fr. Stephen Rocker led the packed congregation in the Consecration Prayer, and Magdalen’s polyphony choir sang the trinitarian hymns “I Bind Unto Myself Today” (St. Patrick’s Breastplate) and “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name.”

As part of the consecration, Magdalen College invoked the loving care of the Father, asking that God would “provide, protect, and call us according to your perfect will.” Praising the Son for showing us the way to the Father, the College invited him to “reign over us as our king.” And glorifying the Holy Spirit, the College prayed that we would be drawn toward what is good and enabled to share in the Son’s love for the Father.  The closing lines of the consecration prayer, addressed to the Blessed Trinity, offered up “our work and our worship, our prayer and our praise, our joys and our sorrows, our faithfulness and our future, our learning, our love, and our very lives.”

We thank all of those who joined with us in this special reconsecration or who prayed with us the novena leading up to this occasion.  We look forward to placing Magdalen in the hands of the Blessed Trinity again next year during the closing Mass of our Welcome Weekend.

Thank you for praying for this special college. May the Blessed Trinity guide and protect each one of us. 

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