Writing the Light:
Studying Iconography in Greece

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Studying Iconography in Greece

The Orthodox tradition speaks of “writing” rather than “painting” icons. Several Magdalen students and graduates recently enjoyed a fascinating opportunity to “Write the Light” in Greece. The occasion was the Summer Iconography School taught by renowned master iconographer Dr. George Kordis. Mrs. Keri Weidersphan, who teaches iconography at Magdalen, helped organize and run the event.

The students began by spending three days in Athens drawing at both the Mets Art Centre and the new teaching space of Kordis’s Eikonourgia School of Iconography. They then traveled to Crete to focus on using egg tempera techniques at the (OAC). Students lived and worked in this unique academy overlooking the sea, which houses several chapels, an extensive library, and two on-site museums.

Each day comprised an average of 6 hours of studio time paired with relaxed afternoon visits to local museums, churches, and monasteries containing ancient and contemporary iconography. We’re thankful for the leadership and funding for this experience provided by those in the Magdalen community. Promoting beauty and creativity is central to the enchanted learning that marks our college!

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