“Becoming Mercy” with Br. Stephen Camara, MIC

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Alumnus Br. Stephen Camara, MIC, ‘16, visited the college on Monday, March 11, to present a talk for current students about discerning one’s vocation in life.

In the talk, entitled “Becoming Mercy”, Br. Camara discussed his own personal faith journey, relating the spiritual struggles that he has overcome with God’s help, and how God revealed His plan for his life.  At the heart of his message was the idea of mercy; our identity is ultimately achieved through becoming images of Christ, and the only way to become an image of Christ is by becoming an image of the Divine Mercy. Brother Camara Talk

“Becoming Mercy—we are called to be Christ for others. Br. Stephen Camara illustrated this to me in a new and startling way by drawing the conclusion that our image of Christ should be that of the Divine Mercy,” observed Therese Snyder, ‘22.

Br. Camara mentioned many practical ways of growing in one’s faith life, including Marian Consecration, Eucharistic Adoration, and praying for Saint Joseph’s intercession.  Students can participate in these and other spiritual activities on campus as part of the school’s mission to form the whole person in Wisdom in a way that engages the mind, body, and soul.

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