“True Love Is Choosing Life”: Students Pray Outside Abortion Clinics

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“True love is choosing life.” – Thomas Hogan ‘22

Students Pray Outside Abortion Clinic
Students pray outside an abortion clinic

Countering the culture of death and promoting the culture of life, a band of students gathers once a week to pray outside abortion clinics for an end to abortion.  Sacrificing sleep and braving cold mornings, this band of students convenes in front of Planned Parenthood to pray the rosary, silently pleading for the end to the massacre of unborn children.  Asked why these prayer trips were important, one student, Thomas Hogan ’22, who often leads them, stated that as Catholics we need to witness to our faith and pray for people, especially those people who have no voice to pray for themselves. The students also pray for parents who have had or are contemplating an abortion.

Although the students’ goal is to pray and witness outside the abortion clinics, this witness does not end at the clinic.  As Thomas pointed out, praying outside the clinic regularly also “helps create a culture of life and a culture of love on campus.”  This culture on campus then allows people to spread the culture of life and love when they go off campus as well.  Slowly, by prayer, sacrifice, and witness, these students are not only praying for an end to abortion, but also building a culture of life and love in our world because, as Thomas commented, “true love is choosing life.”

– Contributed by Adriana Smith ’22

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