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Did you know?

90% of Magdalen Students Come from Homeschooling Families

Come home to Magdalen.

  • Our academic program integrates the Classic Books with majors and the fine arts. 
  • We nurture the spiritual life of our students through beautiful liturgies and a vibrant Catholic culture.
  • In our campus life, students discover friendships and close-knit community. 
  • Through our Career Pahways Program, students learn how to “put out into the deep” in pursuit of any career or vocation. 
Magdalen is proud of our commitment to homeschooling families. Bookmark this exclusive page to take advantage of these free resources just for you.

Imagine yourself waking up in the majestic mountains of New Hampshire, the sunlight flooding your dorm room. A panorama sweeps before your eyes. Valleys and mountain peaks extend for miles beyond the lofty belltower, iron lampposts, statues of saints, and rolling fields that dot the 135-acre New England campus you call home. Soon you’ll be launching out into the deep on a nearby lake, gently skimming the whitecaps with your five best friends on the rowing team. Why are you on your way so early? You don’t want to be late for class—Dr. Anthony Esolen’s discussion on Dante always stirs the poetic imagination. Afterwards, as the bell strikes noon, you’ll assist at a beautiful High Mass, singing ancient Gregorian chant while the smell of incense drifts heavenward. This is your first experience singing in a choir, but the joy and unity of raising your voice together with the entire student body has enkindled your faith anew. Lunch with the President follows—the intimate size of the college makes this a regular occurrence—and then you’re off to a class in your major. After some downtime in the student lounge, you’ll rehearse for next week’s Shakespeare performance in the large, indoor gymnasium before crossing campus to your dorm to change into evening attire. Tonight is a swing dance under the stars! Imagine this joyful, transformative education unlike any other. Imagine yourself here. This is an education of the whole person. This is Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts.  

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