Tristan Smith, Magdalen College’s New Choir Director

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Magdalen College is delighted to announce the new Director of Collegiate Choirs, Tristan Smith. Mr. Smith is a graduate of Magdalen College and is well-equipped to continue the beautiful sacred music traditions at the college. His musical background includes providing music for liturgies at parishes in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maryland. In addition to directing polyphonic choirs and chant scholas, Mr. Smith is also an excellent organist.

Debbie Harne, Choir Director Emerita, is enthusiastic about the hiring of Mr. Smith. “The music program at Magdalen College has been developed over decades into one which touches the lives of all students, regardless of musical ability, as they participate in beautiful music ordered to bringing glory to God. The program takes more than just a musician to lead it. It requires an individual interested in developing the mind and heart of each student. Tristan Smith is uniquely qualified to do so.”

Mr. Smith is enthusiastic about his new role. “I am honored to join Magdalen College and to serve her mission, her students, and their families. I know firsthand that singing in the choir punctuates the rhythm of life in the collegiate community, uniting the intellectual pursuits of the classroom with the wellspring of our Catholic Faith and its culmination in Sacred Liturgy. It brings me extraordinary gladness to equip students with the patrimony of sacred music that the Church entrusts to us. Magdalen College stands apart from other institutions because she faithfully has nurtured this tradition over several generations.”

Please join us in praying for Mr. Smith as he prepares to lead the choirs in the fall.

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