The Sophomore Dinner Tradition Continues

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Thank you Class of 2023 for a spectacular Sophomore Dinner! The tradition of Sophomores hosting a dinner in appreciation for faculty, staff and students continued this year with the theme of “The Great Gatsby.” Entertainment was hosted by Lukas Mellender ’23 (as Jay Gatsby) and Israel Gombojav ’23 (as Nick Carroway). Amaris Callan ’23 and Anna Hock ’23 sang Irving Berlin’s “It’s a Lovely Day,” made popular by Ella Fitzgerald. Israel Gombojav and Amaris Callan also performed a dance in the roaring 20s style. The entertainment concluded with a poetry battle between T.S. Eliot (Luke Sherman ’23) and Robert Frost (David Milliken ’23).

The dinner concluded with a round of toasts. Different students toasted each faculty and staff member. They also offered toasts to the great books, the co-patrons of the college, St. Mary Magdalen and St. John Paul II, and the late Peter Sampo, beloved professor and one of the original founders of Magdalen College.

Here are the toasts to the great books:

From Dante to Dostoevsky, first to enkindle in us the flame of heroism and the desire for the mountain summit!
A toast!

From Livy to Joinville, bringing those to life who have set out before us that we may join them upon the road to perfection!
A toast!

From Aristotle to Aquinas, who dispel the darkness of error, as the sun clearing the morning fog leaves the green valleys glistening in the dew, that from the mountain’s peak we may see the beauty and truth of reality!
A toast!

From Augustine to Ratzinger, forever aiding us in rising above even the mountain itself, and ascending into the embrace of the divine!
A toast!

Thank you Magdalen College Class of 2023!

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