Duc in altum: The College Establishes a Rowing Club

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In the fall of 2018, the college established a rowing club for its students.  After kicking off with a trip on Lake Sunapee, regular training began in January 2019, on indoor rowing machines (ergometers), under the direction of trainer Brenda Balenger.  In the spring, the club will start to compete on the water.

The rowing club is part of the college’s mission of forming the entire person, body and soul.  The college also offers hiking, running, soccer and other sports, as well as weight training equipment, in order to help facilitate the physical growth of its students.

Ben Haefner, class of ‘22, observed, “The college’s crew club offers a way for her students to ‘Set Out into The Deep.’ The opportunity to step out of the classroom and explore new experiences is one of the main reasons why I love living and learning in New England. What I enjoy most about the college’s crew club is that it’s a chance for me to pause in my studies and form myself physically. Crew club offers a complete workout with an emphasis on physical coordination, which helps me stay fit while living the intellectually intense life of a student.  After completing an intense crew training session, I’m ready to return to reading and study.”

– Contributed by John Milliken ’22

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