Seeking Wisdom

On January 12, students returned for the spring semester, eagerly anticipating the adventures that awaited them within and beyond the classroom.  Returning with them was Dr. Anthony Esolen who completed his first semester at Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts.  Dr. Esolen serves as professor and writer-in-residence, teaching in the college’s unique Humanities Sequence and this spring offering an Honors Colloquium devoted to the “Literature of Spiritual Crisis.”  This semester Dr. Esolen will also be giving two lectures in the college’s public lecture series.

Recently, Dr. Esolen offered some insightful and entertaining reflections on his first semester as part of Episode 5 of his new podcast series.

And this is just the beginning of what awaits our students this semester.  To learn more about Magdalen College’s extraordinary Program of Studies, please visit here.

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