Mike McGrath ’93: “Magdalen College Changed My Life”

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The Cardinal Newman Society recently profiled Magdalen College graduate and board member Mike McGrath ’93. In the article, McGrath explains how the college changed his life:

“My life is so rich now because of my Catholic faith,” McGrath continues. “Magdalen College played a significant role — it changed my life.”

The College altered McGrath’s life in nearly every way, including propelling him into his successful career of the past 20-plus years in the software sales industry. Through the College’s Socratic style classes, McGrath learned “how to listen,” which is essential to becoming a business leader.

“You listen to the master thinkers, and then you discuss the truth of that work whether it’s Aquinas, Aristotle or Nietzsche,” says McGrath about the courses at Magdalen. “When you stop talking and start listening, you learn so much.”

He also gained hands-on leadership experience. “Because it was a small campus and a small community, there were a lot of opportunities for leadership.”

Read the entire article at the Cardinal Newman Society website.

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