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Webinars for High School Students

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Webinars for High School Students

Make Yourself at Home!

Are you a student who is discerning next steps after high school?  Are you looking for a college that blends enchanted learning with intimate community?  If so, this series of talks is for you. Each month our professors will provide a glimpse into the unique approach to education that is Magdalen. Built to replicate a traditional New England village, Magdalen’s mountain-side campus is known for its charm.  From its grand, sweeping views to its Narnia-esque lampposts, Magdalen provides students with a warmth and inspiration that’s hard to find at larger universities. It is, to many, a home away from home—a place of wonder and fellowship that reminds us of Rivendell. We invite you to ‘make yourself at home’ by joining us for this series of Wednesday evening talks and learning about our different approach to college. Talks will be 30-45 minutes with live Q&A afterwards.  Register below to receive the Zoom link for each webinar.

Full details and schedule below:

*** Pre-registration required to receive your personal webinar invitation ***


JPII and Education: The Stage, the Slopes, and Sacred Liturgy

  • Dr. Ryan Messmore

Wednesday, Feb. 9,

7:30 PM EST

Humanities for Human Beings

  • Dr. Anthony Esolen

Wednesday, March 9,

7:30 PM EST

Learning As a Form of Play

  • Dr. Erik van Versandaal 

Wednesday, March 30,

7:30 PM EST

Frodo Baggins, College Student

  • Dr. Eric Buck

Wednesday, April 27,

7:30 PM EST


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