Magdalen College’s Knights of Columbus Council Receives Two Awards

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The Knights of Columbus Council at Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts received two awards at this year’s College Councils Conference. They were recognized as a Star Council and were awarded the Faith Program Award for promoting prayer on campus. The council hosts Compline – night prayer – every evening in the Men’s Residence Hall and in the College Chapel on Wednesdays and Sundays.

The singing of Compline has blessed many of the students, both men and women. Sophia Harne, class of 2023, remarked, “I’ve attended Sunday compline almost every week that I’ve been at Magdalen College, and I can easily say that it is one of the most remarkable and wonderful aspects of the spiritual life here. The majority of the students attend weekly, and it is evident that the awesome simplicity, beauty, and reverence of the chanted prayers and psalms truly draw the hearts and minds of the whole community upwards, uniting them to Christ, each other, and the whole of the Church throughout time and space.”

The Knights of Columbus are active in several leadership roles on campus, including their current project of renovating the St Joseph’s Shrine on campus with new fencing, reinforced rock walls, mulching and thinning the tree population.

Father Boucher, Magdalen College’s Chaplain and fellow Knight, said, “I am proud of these guys for making the site a beautiful place for prayer and meditation and gathering. The area around the men’s residence has definitely been upgraded in a physical and spiritual sense. Someone from a neighboring town, who attends daily Mass on campus, acknowledged the Knights’ efforts by donating an artist’s painting of St. Joseph holding the child Jesus in his arms. I like it when one gift gives birth to another. This is how the love of Jesus works.”

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