Collegiate Summer Program

Collegiate Summer Program

Session 1: July 11-24, 2021
Session 2: August 1-14, 2021
On the side of Mount Kearsarge in Warner, New Hampshire

A unique approach to liberal arts education that integrates learning in the humanities with prayer, recreation, and community-life ordered to the pursuit of Wisdom. Our summer students live in the college’s residences, study philosophy, theology, politics, and literature, experience the fine arts, attend daily Mass, and enjoy sports, drama, and social events.

  • Learn how reflective inquiry can provide answers to the most pressing concerns in life
  • Pursue wisdom and seek to integrate it into a larger vision of reality
  • Come together to form a community connected in intellectual and spiritual friendship
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“Through common studies—undertaken as a way of life, students come to enjoy friendships that make the burden of study light. Learning is a labor of love. The truly lasting effect of the program is that it conveys to high-school students a love of learning, a spirit of abundance and generosity, a sense of hope in what they may accomplish in life.” – Dr. Mary Mumbach, Director of the Collegiate Summer Program

Join us for an unforgettable two-week journey unlike any other.

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