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Full-Time Returning Students

In order to prepare for the Spring Term, we ask that you complete the following online registration form by Friday, December 6th.

In addition to the courses required of each student in a particular class (found in the Catalog), the elective courses offered in the Spring are listed below: please place a check next to any electives you intend to take. If you are not choosing any electives and not selecting a Major Course, simply fill in the information requested and click “Submit.”

  • Those who are Juniors and Seniors are also requested to indicate

          a) their chosen Major, and

          b) the Major Course they will be taking  (This course should correspond to your chosen major. Great Books majors may choose any one of the courses.)

Nota Bene: Once the Spring Term begins, you may change your elective choices at any time until the Drop/Add deadline (January 31st) by filling out a Drop/Add form available from Dr. FitzGerald.

Part-Time Students

Please do not fill out this form.  Instead, email Dr. FitzGerald by the registration deadline with a list of the courses you intend to take next term.

Course Descriptions

Please see the following links for descriptions of

a) this term’s Major courses

b) the Language Program (Latin and Greek courses)

c)  Studio Art and Iconography

d) the Honors Program and this term’s courses: Critical Thinking and Literature of Spiritual Crisis

e) and Latin 312

Course Registration

Honors Colloquium: Critical Thinking (Dr. Augros)Honors Colloquium: Literature of Spiritual Crisis (Dr. Esolen)Latin 312: Seneca (Dr. Almanzar)Studio Art (Mrs. Yost)Iconography (Ms. Wiederspahn) (This course meets on 6 Saturdays: JAN 18, FEB 1, FEB 22, FEB 29, MARCH 21, APRIL 4. Reserved Snow Dates: APRIL 18, MAY 2. Maximum enrollment: 12 students)

Literature: Southern Literature and Criticism: The Sacramental Vision (Dr. Mumbach)Philosophy: Person and Community (Anthropology) (Dr. van Versendaal)Politics: Modern Political Ideologies (Dr. Sampo)Theology: The Medieval Quest for Wisdom (Mr. Cooper)