Evangelium Vitae Seminar

As part of the ongoing formation for Dignitas Scholars, Dr. Erik van Versendaal, philosophy professor and Assistant Academic Dean at Magdalen College, led a seminar on John Paul II’s Evangelium Vitae on Thursday, January 23rd, 2020.  

Students unable to attend the March for Life were given opportunities to deepen their understanding of and commitment to a consistent life ethic through the seminar, praying outside an abortion clinic, and other events planned by Student Life 

Kacey Rigel, Class of 2023, said: “It was really great having the opportunity to dig for the meaning of life. I love discussing these subjects and having the conversation guided by Dr. van Versendaal was very fruitful. Sitting around and having this kind of discussion is a lot of fun and I really enjoy it.”  

Both the college’s Chaplain, Fr. Roger Boucher, and Dean of Students, Ms. Mazel Belt, were in attendance at the seminar. The Dignitas Scholars and other students read sections of the encyclical in anticipation of the seminar, where they discussed sections especially pertaining to the inherent dignity of every human life and the preeminence of protecting the unborn.  

“The discussion on the culture of death versus the culture of life was very interesting and stuck out to me most in our discussion. Many aspects connected with the subject of my senior thesis, illustrating the universality of the topic, said Brigid Haefner, Class of 2020.

The Dignitas Scholarship is an endowed four-year scholarship providing $1,000 per year towards tuition that is designed to form students in the life-long integration of pro-life work and service to the poor. In addition to the aid towards tuition, the Dignitas Scholarship also covers expenses for one immersion service trip. The total estimated value of this scholarship is $5,000 over a four-year period. 

Students who are awarded this scholarship complete eight hours of formation and twelve hours of community service per year, as well as attend one service trip over the course of four years. Dignitas Scholars also complete a project portfolio at the end of the four years. 

To learn more about the Dignitas Scholarship, please contact [email protected].

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