Dr. Jordan Almanzar Joins the Faculty at Magdalen College

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Magdalen College is delighted to welcome Dr. Jordan Almanzar to serve as a member of the faculty. Dr. Almanzar is a distinguished instructor of classical languages and long-time faculty member with Kolbe Academy.

The academic dean of the college, Dr. Brian FitzGerald, observed, “The inaugural year of the college’s Greek program will be in excellent hands with the arrival of Dr. Almanzar, whose linguistic talents and commitment to teaching will also strengthen our Latin program.”

Jordan AlmanzarDr. Almanzar will be teaching Greek and Latin at the college, as well as being involved in other academic and community activities on campus. His presence will further solidify the linguistic offerings of Magdalen College.

As a member of the faculty, Dr. Almanzar joins a community of faculty with decades of teaching experience committed to the Catholic intellectual tradition and the renewal of Catholic liberal education in America. This faculty includes Dr. Peter Sampo, the college’s founder, Dr. Mary Mumbach, a specialist in southern and Russian literature, and Dr. Brian FitzGerald, a medievalist, and Dr. Anthony Esolen, our Writer-in-Residence. Additional new faculty will also be joining the college this year in philosophy and music.

Upon joining Magdalen College, Dr. Almanzar remarked, “I see in Magdalen College a strong capacity for the student to develop the whole person by means of the many opportunities for growth offered here. While no longer a student in the official sense, the college represents for me as well a place to grow – spiritually, academically, and pedagogically. I’m looking forward to joining such an esteemed faculty and a community with such an important mission.”

Dr. Almanzar has published He Whom a Dream Hath Possessed: The Life and Works of the American John Knox, When Evening is Dawn: A Meditation for Advent, Codex Z in Galatians, and The Challenge of Marcion.

Dr. Almanzar received his master’s degree from California State University at Long Beach and his Ph.D. in History and Literature of Ancient Christianity is from the Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen, Germany.

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