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We are counting down to Magdalen College’s early enrollment award deadline!

Magdalen College calls all within her community to enter the great conversation of authors seeking wisdom that has unfolded across the ages, cultivating a life of virtue, poetic imagination, service, and life-giving fidelity.

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More reasons to enroll…

At Magdalen College, you’ll experience a close-knit community in which lifelong friendships develop and students pursue active service and fearless charity.
A Magdalen College education is an education that is at once for its own sake, for your sake, and for the sake of the world.
A Magdalen College education is ordered to human flourishing and communion, and given shape by the classic books.
Ascend the mountain of a Magdalen College education and discover your place in the grand story.
When you graduate, you will be ready to draw upon the accumulated wisdom of the past in order to answer the most urgent questions of our time.
At Magdalen College, you will achieve an incomparable vision that integrates reason and faith, nature and culture, and poetry and philosophy to guide the rest of your life.
Woven together by books, tradition, and beauty, the Magdalen College community shines with the light of true faith and enquiry.
Magdalen College offers an education for the heroic life, meant for our time, for the present need.
An education nourished by a vibrant liturgical and sacramental culture.
Through our education, students set out into the depths of wisdom, the deep richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition, the deep wisdom of a faith grounded in Truth.
Magdalen College is a place where you will find your voice in the great conversation.

At Magdalen College, beauty in all around us, outside, in the chapel, in the classroom and in concert halls. Beauty transforms our lives, drawing us out of ourselves and into communion with God and one another.

This education will not only set you apart from the crowd; it will equip you to lead it.

Learn how to think analytically, write and speak convincingly, and approach challenges with creativity and imagination. Discuss and discover meaning at the heart of any complex issue.

We delight in our friendships and enjoy the goodness of our community, expressed through our reading of the great books together, casual conversations over lunch, adventures off campus, and special on-campus events – including dances, dinners, bonfires, sports, retreats, speakers, plays, concerts, and more.

Encounter the wisdom of the greatest thinkers ever – Dante, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Homer, Aristotle, Augustine. These are the living intellects with whom we debate, discuss, and wrestle in our exploration of the deep mysteries of the human condition.

Here, you will live a rich liturgical life. You will experience the abundance of God’s grace, expressed in sign and sacrament, feast day and solemnity, the changing of the leaves and the changing of vestments.

Our education is animated by dialogue, inspired by a deep understanding of what is needed for the ultimate human adventure.

An extraordinary four years that unite mind, heart, and soul for a world that is yearning to be transformed.

Questions? Contact Marci Houle at [email protected] or 603-748-9175.

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