Chopped! Cook Off:
Magdalen Edition

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Magdalen Edition

Father Paul Dumais, from my home state of Maine wrote, “One expression of the transformation made possible in Christ is an increased capacity for joy.” With Magdalen’s emphasis on the education of the whole person, that transformation in Christ is not just possible, it is evident! The capacity for joy was on full display when the kitchen work-study staff competed in a high stakes (gift card for coffee!) cook-off we called Chopped! Magdalen Edition. There was much laughter, camaraderie, and healthy competition as our three student chefs faced off with the rest of the kitchen staff being sous-chefs. Being the head chef, I sat this one out and simply enjoyed the action!

Mason Cyr (junior), who is the breakfast chef, and weekend chefs Amelia Coard (sophomore) and Zofia Joynt (senior) each received a mystery box with a seemingly random collection of ingredients. They then had 45 minutes to create two dishes—one sweet and one savory. Their creations were judged by three faculty judges, Dr. Almanzar, Dr. Buck, and Ms. Belt. The rest of the student body watched a livestream of the kitchen chaos and cheered for their favorite teams!

While there was abundant fun, what it highlighted was a deeper reality that we not only encourage but celebrate in this community. That is that food—its planning, preparation, service, and consumption—speak to deeper realities, including hospitality, unity, charity, and grace. Food, although a necessity, is also a pleasure and a good in the world.


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