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The Cardinal Newman Teaching Institute is a three-week experience for students exploring a career in teaching. The Institute is the fruit of a partnership with Mount Royal Academy, a CNS Honor Roll school located in Sunapee, New Hampshire.

The very nature of a Catholic school requires much from a Catholic educator. The Cardinal Newman Teaching Institute strives to properly equip and prepare Magdalen College students for a future career in the field of teaching. The student interns spend their days immersed in classrooms with mentor teachers at Mount Royal Academy, where they have ample opportunity to observe, record notes for future reflection, discuss lesson plan objectives, grade assignments, and provide hands-on assistance to both teachers and students. In the evenings, Magdalen College hosts professional development seminars taught by experienced educators on topics ranging from remediation to classroom management, curriculum building to lesson planning and pedagogical strategies.

Example schedule:

Monday through Friday

7:30am-3:00pm Classroom Experience at Mount Royal AcademyChance Hebert teaches at Mount Royal Academy

5:00pm-6:00pm Professional Development Seminars

  • How to Select Curriculum and Texts (Derek Tremblay, Headmaster at Mount Royal Academy)
  • Remediation (Mazel Belt, Dean of Students at Magdalen College)
  • Quality Relationships with Students and the Correlation to Successful Classroom Management (Katie Meehan ’90, Principal of St. Catherine of Siena School)
  • The Teaching Triangle and How to Write Effective Lesson Plans (Michael Beecher, 17 year veteran teacher)
  • Differentiation: What It Is and What It Is Not and Differentiation in the Classroom (Jeanette Houle, Dean of Women at Magdalen College)
  • Developmentally Appropriate Instructional Strategies (Amy Sansone, Academic Dean of Mount Royal Academy)
  • Classroom Management (Christopher Rand ’14, Literature Teacher at Mason Classical Academy)

Partnership with Mount Royal Academy

Derek Tremblay, Headmaster at Mount Royal Academy, was instrumental in bringing the Institute to life and visiting Magdalen College to teach one of the evening seminars. “There is an opportunity here to increase momentum for future teacher development in Catholic education. Educative presence develops in tandem with virtue, and that is what young people need so desperately: models of virtue in education. The union in mission of Mount Royal Academy and Magdalen College is really very exciting.”

Dr. Amy Sansone, Academic Dean at Mount Royal, also worked diligently on the Institute and hosted a seminar. “Mount Royal was thrilled to welcome our first group of teaching interns. The entire staff was impressed with their professionalism, work ethic, and sincere love of children. All of the participants were able to convey their passion in a variety of ways, ranging from planning and delivering full lessons, to working one-on-one to provide student reinforcement. They are a credit to their college, and a beacon of a bright future full of high quality, Catholic school instructors.”

“The Institute helped me understand the technical work that goes into teaching: making a classroom student-oriented, creating an environment that values pursuit of knowledge, meeting the various needs of students, and all the details that help accomplish this mission.

My favorite part of the program was integrating what I learned during the day at Mount Royal into my evening workshop at Magdalen College and vice versa. I enjoyed going on a field trip with 2nd grade as well as teaching multiple math and science lessons while assisting kindergarten, 3rd grade, and 2nd grade by aiding the teacher, preparing lessons, and substitute teaching. The professional development seminars guided my approach to teaching and finding solutions to in-classroom issues. They helped look at the main objective of teaching while also focusing on the day to day practice.”

Elizabeth Figueroa, Class of 2020
Elizabeth Figueroa at Mount Royal Academy

Through the Cardinal Newman Teaching Institute at Mount Royal, I learned much more than I had imagined. I now recognize that I would truly be excited to work in education after I have completed my studies at Magdalen College.

During the evening professional development seminars, we were given the opportunity to expand the knowledge from our daily observations and interactions within the classroom environment. They offered us an opportunity to discuss with individuals who already had experience working in the teaching occupation and to further our understanding of the educational field. 

While observing and assisting a first grade class, I most enjoyed the opportunities that I was given to work with the students in smaller groups or individually. It was then that I most clearly and distinctly witnessed the students’ eagerness and excitement to learn and do their best. I believe that this truly speaks to the joy and the excellence that Mount Royal Academy is seeking and cultivating within each of its students.

Brigid Haefner, Class of 2020

Program Details

Only Magdalen College students and alumni are eligible.


The program costs $150, which includes room and board, as well as transportation.

Application Timeline

March 5 – Applications due

Week of March 15 – Interviews at Mount Royal Academy

Week of March 22 – Acceptance letters sent out

April 2 – Student commitments required

May 10-28 – Institute

To Apply

Submit the following materials via the online form.

1. Resumé

2. Application

3. Essay

For more information, please contact the Career Pathways Coordinator at [email protected].