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The Cardinal Newman Teaching Institute is a three-week experience for students exploring a career in teaching. The Institute is the fruit of a partnership with Mount Royal Academy, a CNS Honor Roll school located in Sunapee, New Hampshire.

The very nature of a Catholic school requires much from a Catholic educator. The Cardinal Newman Teaching Institute strives to properly equip and prepare Magdalen College students for a future career in the field of teaching. The student interns spend their days immersed in classrooms with mentor teachers at Mount Royal Academy, where they have ample opportunity to observe, record notes for future reflection, discuss lesson plan objectives, grade assignments, and provide hands-on assistance to both teachers and students. In the afternoons, Mount Royal hosts professional development seminars taught by experienced educators on topics ranging from remediation to classroom management, curriculum building to lesson planning and pedagogical strategies.

Daily schedule: Monday through Friday

7:30am-3:00pm Classroom Experience at Mount Royal AcademyChance Hebert teaches at Mount Royal Academy

3:00pm-4:00pm Professional Development Seminars

Some past seminars

  • How to Select Curriculum and Texts
  • Remediation
  • Quality Relationships with Students and the Correlation to Successful Classroom Management
  • The Teaching Triangle and How to Write Effective Lesson Plans 
  • Differentiation: What It Is and What It Is Not and Differentiation in the Classroom
  • Developmentally Appropriate Instructional Strategies 
  • Classroom Management 

Partnership with Mount Royal Academy

Derek Tremblay, Headmaster at Mount Royal Academy, was instrumental in bringing the Institute to life and leading the program. “The need for faithful, informed, and effective Catholic educators cannot be overstated. Since its inception, the Cardinal Newman Teaching Institute has proven to be highly successful in addressing this need. Interns who participate receive an advantageous and formative experience. We are grateful for all the interns over the years who have supported the students at Mount Royal Academy. The synergy in mission between Magdalen and Mount Royal Academy is so strong because both institutions are resolved to impart a truly humanizing education to God’s children. It is so inspiring to see the next generation of faithful educators find their vocation, and begin student teaching. The students at Magdalen who immerse themselves in this experience are quick to identify what makes each child so unique, a necessary requisite for teaching the truths of our faith!”

Mrs. Lisa Sweet, Academic Dean at Mount Royal, also works diligently on the Institute.  She has this to say:  “The Cardinal Newman Teaching Institute provides a window into the teaching profession for Magdalen College interns. It is a unique opportunity for them to observe different teaching styles, interact with and assist students of varying ages, help plan lessons, and deliver instruction, with the purpose of discerning God’s particular call for each of them.  It is also an exciting chance for us as teachers and administrators to mentor these intelligent, faith-filled interns.  Because of certain trends in our current culture, Catholic education is becoming more and more sought after.  The Cardinal Newman Teaching Institute provides an essential platform to assist in the training of high quality, solidly Catholic educators — the future of Catholic education.”

“The Institute helped me understand the technical work that goes into teaching: making a classroom student-oriented, creating an environment that values pursuit of knowledge, meeting the various needs of students, and all the details that help accomplish this mission.

My favorite part of the program was integrating what I learned during the day at Mount Royal into my evening workshop at Magdalen College and vice versa. I enjoyed going on a field trip with 2nd grade as well as teaching multiple math and science lessons while assisting kindergarten, 3rd grade, and 2nd grade by aiding the teacher, preparing lessons, and substitute teaching. The professional development seminars guided my approach to teaching and finding solutions to in-classroom issues. They helped look at the main objective of teaching while also focusing on the day to day practice.”

Elizabeth Figueroa, class of 2020, institute intern 2019, current teacher at Mount Royal Academy
Elizabeth Figueroa at Mount Royal Academy

I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to participate in the Cardinal Newman Teaching Institute. My experience at Mount Royal Academy was joyful, exciting, and opened a new door to me. This program gave me a real-life look at what teaching is like at a Catholic K-12 school, and the kind of spirit that a teacher needs to bring to the classroom to spark a love of learning. I learned about how to approach teaching younger children in a way that educates the whole person, is focused on the soul and in establishing a relationship of trust in which true learning and growth can occur for students. I visited elementary classrooms and was amazed when I witnessed the dedication and work that goes into every school day, and the care that is taken to cultivate knowledge and virtue in students. The teachers I was privileged to shadow were so kind. They showed me how they lesson plan, tips for teaching a lesson that captures the imagination and cultivates wonder and gave personal insights into how they discerned their vocation as a teacher. The afternoon seminars offered by Mr. Tremblay and Mrs. Sweet were helpful to solidify some of the lessons I learned during the day and delved into the mission of a Catholic school. I am grateful to Magdalen College and to Mount Royal Academy for creating a program like this to help college students discern a vocation in teaching. 


Zofia Joynt, class of 2022, institute intern 2021

2023 Program Details

May 8th – June 2nd (weekdays)

Students may commit to one week or three weeks at the Institute and are paid $20 per hour. 

Only Magdalen College students and recent graduates are eligible.

2023 Application Timeline

– Applications due by Wednesday, March 15, 2023

 – Interviews at Magdalen College on Thursday, March 16, 2023

– Acceptance letters sent out by Friday, March 24, 2023

– Student commitments required by April 3, 2023

To Apply

Submit the following materials via the online form.

1. Resumé

2. Application

3. Essay

For more information, please contact the Career Pathways Coordinator.