Program Details


Through our Career Pathways Program we seek to achieve a twofold goal: to assist students in discerning their vocations and to enable them to set out on the path of that vocation.

How we do this:

We invite students to meet one-on-one with our Career Pathway Coordinator. Through the initial meeting and those that follow, the coordinator will get to know the student’s qualities and interests, provide vocational guidance, direct the student to in-house experts in creating a résumé and cover letter, and guide the student toward internships, graduate study, or postgraduate jobs as appropriate.

“The Career Pathways program at Magdalen College has given me great assurance and preparation for all opportunities that may present themselves in the future. In my time here at the college I believe I have been given the instruments to carry myself as a spiritual person in a practical world.”

Meghan Beggs, Class of 2016
Morgan Stanley

How We Assist Each Student

  • Initially, we meet one-on-one with an interested student, getting to know him or her with the goal of enabling each student to discover his or her vocational pathway.

  • We communicate the internship opportunities, pre-professional programs, and employment opportunities to each student.

  • As available, we help students develop professional relationships with potential mentors and affiliated organizations.

  • We prepare students by guiding them through the steps required to apply for a professional position: writing a resume and cover letter and leading mock interviews. 

  • We invite speakers to campus who assist students as they plan for post-graduate employment.

  • We invite employers and grad school representatives to campus to interview interested students.
  • We offer additional seminars and resources for students discerning graduate school and religious vocations.

What Our Students Are Saying

How did your education prepare you for the internship?

“Coming in to Morgan Stanley, one of the first things I saw was the energy and efficiency that filled the offices. They told me that on the job you are given a long rope and you can choose what to do with it. The message was clear: productive and hard work will not go unnoticed, and it is up to you to make it happen. Throughout the last four years my education in a liberal arts program has taught me, above all else, how to think critically and use my knowledge productively. This helped me considerably when I began, as I was immediately able to isolate what needed to be done and begin learning what was needed in order to accomplish it.” – Baron Torres, Class of 2015

Five Key Words

  1. Vocation: We help students to understand that their future employment should be understood in vocational terms. What is God calling them to do professionally with their lives?
  2. Integration: We help students to develop a theological understanding of how they can integrate their faith and their work, thereby sanctifying the world and answering the Church’s universal call to holiness.
  3. Skills: We help students develop the skills they will need professionally.
  4. Opportunities: We develop and communicate opportunities for students. These opportunities include internships, professional workshops, conferences, and jobs.
  5. Career: We assist students in finding and succeeding in their first post-collegiate jobs.