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Into the Deep: Our Alumni in the World

Alumni SuccessSince its inception in the 2014-2015 academic year, the Career Pathways Program has consistently guided students toward post-graduate life through (1) vocational discernment, (2) preparation for the professional world through seminars, coaching, and professional formation, and (3) assistance to students seeking to create a pathway to a career consistent with their calling.

For those students planning to attend graduate school, the Career Pathways Program assists by organizing graduate school luncheons with the faculty on campus and promoting opportunities for students to network with faculty at prominent graduate programs as well through key conferences, seminars, and workshops. The Career Pathways Program also assists students intending to enter professional life by creating pathways to professional employment, summer internships and related opportunities, and invitations to professional seminars. Students discerning religious life also receive assistance from Career Pathways. This assistance is available while students are enrolled as well as after they graduate.

“Magdalen really helped me grow as a person. The students there today are afforded similar opportunities to lead, to grow in community, to grow in their faith, to grow as a human person. The College will prepare students with the foundation they need to remain faithful and serve the Church and world in whatever capacity they’re called to.”

Mike McGrathClass of 1993, Magdalen College Board Member

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Alumni Success Stories

Chris Beggs ’15

Development Associate, Sophia Institute for Teachers (Nashua, NH)

Chris works as Development Associate for Sophia Institute for Teachers, a non-profit teacher resource organization that is an apostolate of Sophia Institute Press. In this position, he assists the President in fundraising and development for Sophia Institute by handling tasks associated with maintaining donor relationships and coordinating the execution of specific fundraising projects. He manages editing and delivery of major contribution correspondences, and donor-funded project proposals and reports. He also assists in the management and development of Sophia Institute’s donor database in building patronage through research, outreach and relationship building.

“Sophia Institute Press is a Catholic company with a strong devotion to orthodoxy and traditional Catholic values, and I believe that my B.A. from Magdalen College played a large part in my landing an interview and eventually being hired in 2016. Additionally, I only heard about the job opening when I was contacted by Magdalen College’s Career Pathways office. After graduating, Career Pathways gave me several tips and always alerted me when they heard of a position in which I might be interested.”

“I believe very strongly that the education, knowledge, wisdom, and thinking skills I received from Magdalen College have enormous value aside from any career opportunity it may or may not provide. Furthermore, I consider a classic Great Books education like the one I received at Magdalen College to be a valuable first step for any person beginning their adult life, regardless of what professional career they might have in mind.”

Margaret Graves '17

Margaret Graves ’17

The John Paul II Project Study Abroad in Krakow, Poland (Summer 2018)
Program Administrator, Healing the Culture (Snohomish, WA)

After graduating from Magdalen College in May of 2017 and spending a year as the school’s Dean of Women, Margaret Graves seized the opportunity of a lifetime to study abroad in Krakow, Poland. The John Paul II Project seeks to inspire young people to build the world into a culture of life, love, and truth through the example of Pope Saint John Paul II. During her time in Poland, Margaret lived in the “Be Not Afraid!” JPII Center and attended classes at the John Paul II Pontifical University.

“Krakow was our city,” says Margaret. “In the evenings, we would have dinner back at the JPII Center together as a community, almost more of a family. Some evenings we would go back into the city, especially if it was someone’s birthday. Lody (ice cream) and fries was one of our favorite evening outings.”

There were afternoon outings to such sites as the Divine Mercy Shrine, Wadowice (JPII’s birthplace), and Auschwitz, as well as weekend pilgrimages to Warsaw, the Tatra Mountains, and others. “They all left their own impression on me and worked together to teach me more about the grace-filled, suffering condition of mankind. Living in Poland for almost two months helped me digest a lot of what I learned about mankind at Magdalen College. To be honest, I am still digesting it.”

Her time at Magdalen College prepared Margaret in ways she could not have imagined. “I was constantly thinking about Dr. Harne’s Senior Humanities course during my trip, as well as Dr. Sampo’s class on Modern Ideologies. I never made it to Gdansk, but the solidarity movement was still present. The haunting images of the film “Night and Fog” played through my mind as we visited Auschwitz. How could I not think of Hannah Arendt’s work on totalitarianism when visiting this land that had gone through so much under both the Third Reich and the Soviet Union? The encounter at Magdalen College with the history of the Church and of thought helped me to truly encounter Krakow.”

After her journey in Poland, Margaret took a position as Program Administrator and Executive Assistant to the President at Healing the Culture, a pro-life non-profit based out of the greater Seattle area. Founded by Camille Pauley and Fr. Robert Spitzer, Healing the Culture teaches the ethics and logic of being pro-life through Life Advocacy training for college students, teacher training, their high school curriculum, and other exciting projects.

Br. Stephen Camara '16

Br. Stephen Camara ’16

Seminarian with the Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception (Washington, D.C.)

Br. Stephen graduated from Magdalen College in 2016 and has spent the last two years as a seminarian with the Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Currently, Br. Stephen resides in Washington, D.C. at the Marian Scholasticate, where he is studying theology.

Br. Stephen’s began discerning his vocation more seriously after consecrating himself to Mary through Fr. Michael Gaitley’s “33 Days to Morning Glory” while he was a student at Magdalen College. “God put it on my heart to enter the Marians of the Immaculate Conception, and I spent my whole senior year discerning and working toward that goal. That was the best – and hardest – year of college, but each of my two years as a Marian have surpassed it. I understand more now what God is calling me to and what I was consecrated to Mary for – a unique place of love and service to Him in the Marian Congregation.”

Currently, Br. Stephen is enrolled in five courses, including an intensive Greek class. Br. Stephen says that his classes at Magdalen College prepared him well for his learning now. “Sophomore Humanities provided me with a background in which to place the figures in Church History, the Politics Concentration led me to delve into the immense personal influence of individuals for good or ill, and my two years of Latin have helped immensely in grasping basic Greek.”

As a seminarian, Br. Stephen helps with household tasks: weekly cleaning, work in the kitchen, and a rotating schedule of liturgical duties. “I was prepared for these little tasks of mercy around the house through the weekly residence hall cleanings, campus service, and kitchen duty which were all part of my life at Magdalen College.” He also helps with a new ministry within the Militia Immaculata called the Wounded by Love Initiative, which strives for evangelization through beauty.

Hannah Falter '18

Hannah Falter ’18

Behavioral Therapist Partners in Excellence Therapy Center (LaCrosse, WI)

After graduating from Magdalen College in May 2018, Hannah Falter moved back to her hometown in Wisconsin and began the search for her dream job. It was not long until she was hired as a behavioral therapist for Partners in Excellence Autism Therapy Center in the city of LaCrosse. Here she is fulfilling her dream of working with children with disabilities every day.

Hannah is exactly where she wanted to be after graduation, but she never expected to be there so quickly. Many career paths require at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field, but a combination of Hannah’s liberal arts degree and her passion and experience working with children with disabilities ensured that she stood out in the crowd. Through Magdalen College’s Career Pathways program, Hannah was able to craft a resume that illustrated her dedication to the children she loves.

“I am so grateful to the Career Pathways office at Magdalen College for the help and support I received,” says Hannah. “There were meetings to construct and polish my resume and cover letter, as well as an excellent interview workshop that gave me the confidence boost I needed to do well in my job interviews.”

“Partners in Excellence” provides a variety of therapy services for children up to age ten who have been diagnosed with autism. “We work one-on-one with the kids, guiding them to use age-appropriate social and play skills so that they learn how to interact with the world around them.”

Primarily, Hannah works with the littlest of the clients, those about four-years-old and younger, and she loves every minute with them. “Now three months into the job, I have already grown personally and professionally. My little clients teach me patience and simplicity, while through interaction with my coworkers and the parents of my clients, I am improving my professional communication skills.”

Meghan Beggs ’16

Benefits Analyst, Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH)

In the Human Resources office at Dartmouth College, Meghan prepares and analyzes data reports encompassing election information for around 14,000 people enrolled on the college’s benefits plan.

Additionally, her role consists of ensuring data integrity through resolution of discrepancy, evaluation of current procedures, and supporting key initiatives for her team including open enrollment, ACA reporting, and the production of annual Total Compensation Statements and Pension Summaries.

“On a deeply personal level,” says Meghan, “I feel I have gained realistic experience that has only strengthened my belief in the concept that above all else honesty and integrity in one’s ethical values matters most.”

“I never thought I would hear myself celebrating the required amount of reading I would consume in a night, let alone a week, during my college career, but, both professionally and pragmatically, Magdalen College’s lofty, yet reasonable, expectations instilled in me a strong sense of determination coupled with an insistence on attention to detail even in light of the weight of responsibility.”

“Morally, I feel blessed that in my four years of college I was supported by spiritually- and ethically-rooted classmates, administrators, and faculty, all of whom helped me develop a desire for integrity. I hold these individuals as model pillars of steadfast love for the Church as they all with great efficacy stand unwavering in their faith. My time at Magdalen College strengthened my courage in and love of the defense of my faith, helping me feel prepared to remain strong in my beliefs in career opportunities where I encounter people of different backgrounds and belief systems.”

“I always thought that once I graduated from college I would immediately continue into graduate studies and that my academic career would be my sole focus, but in school I met my future husband and since then we have been blessed to share our life with three amazing little girls (all of whom have more energy than I can handle), and at the same time I have had opportunities to begin building my career and receive my Master’s degree through my current work situation. When I think about all the good in my life, I find it is better than anything I could have thought up for myself.”

Corin Friesen ’18

Corporate Investment Banking Consultant, JP Morgan Chase (Manhattan, NY)

Corin graduated from Magdalen College in May 2018 and, in July, he moved to New York City to begin work as a corporate investment banking consultant for PrideOne in their Marketing Middle Office. In his position, he delivers sales support work for derivatives trading at JP Morgan Chase & Co, ensuring that trade details are delivered exactly as promised to clients and helping with data management projects within the firm.

Corin is incredibly grateful to Magdalen College for helping him arrive at this exciting point in his life. “Beyond the practical steps that led me to the job, Magdalen College has also given me a healthy perspective on work because it fostered in me a sense of leisure and wonder,” he says. “My work is not my life even though a lot of my time is spent at work. Those things that give me purpose and meaning, which are outside of work, allow me to approach work itself with much more energy and with a more confident attitude knowing that everything in my life has its proper place.”

The Career Pathways Program at Magdalen College was instrumental in Corin achieving his position. Originally, Corin planned on attending graduate school for philosophy immediately after graduation, but his plans changed after a trip to NYC. “When my fellow students and I were on the Career Pathways New York City Experience, we learned about the Marketing Middle Office at JP Morgan. I felt strangely excited about it all and began to inquire about the possibility of getting a position on the team. Four months later I began work there!”

While graduate school is still a desire of his heart, Corin greatly enjoys his work and his new home in Brooklyn. “I am definitely not where I thought I would be after graduation, but I can say in the end that I am happier taking the time to work and grow after college instead of going straight to graduate school. If I never go to graduate school, I will find some way of continuing my philosophical research.”

Rachel Teresi ’18

Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church (Folsom, CA)

Soon after graduating from Magdalen College with a major in Theology, Rachel was hired as the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Folsom, CA.

In her position, Rachel organizes youth nights for middle- and high-school students as well as inspires parishioners to volunteer their time to help out with the programs. “My job is building relationships,” says Rachel. “They learn to trust me and then they let me lead them to Christ, and that is my main goal: for teens to have a personal relationship with Him.”

Magdalen College helped prepare Rachel by providing a firm foundation that enables her to teach the faith to others. After ten theology courses over eight semesters, including a study of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, Sacred Scripture, Genesis, and the Incarnation, Rachel is confident that Magdalen College has prepared her to answer the difficult questions that teenagers have about the faith.

This is her dream job, and she is pleasantly surprised that the opportunity came so soon. “God opened the door, and I readily walked right through it. God called me to this ministry, and I listened.”

Andrew Dytewski '16

Andrew Dytewski ’16

Desktop Technician, Mainstay Technologies (Manchester, NH)

Since graduation in 2016, Andrew has married a fellow alum of Magdalen College, and he has begun his career journey in the world of information technology at Mainstay Technologies. The company provides IT and cybersecurity services for a host of client organizations.

As a desktop technician, Andrew helps clients with deploying and configuring new workstations, repairing broken computers, and assisting the Mainstay team on additional troubleshooting that requires on-site visits and client-specific projects.

Andrew is thankful to Magdalen College for helping him develop critical thinking that has proved invaluable on the job. “This skill permeates throughout the college curriculum and follows students during their search for truth during college and after it. Critical thinking aids me during the troubleshooting process and asking insightful questions when interacting with clients.”

This is exactly where Andrew hoped to be after graduation. He enjoys his work and is grateful that Mainstay Technologies is an innovative company that challenges him. “I was recently promoted and I have continued to expand my horizons both on the job and in my personal life. I look forward to the continuation of my career in information technology and to seeing where it will take me.”

Timothy Russell ’17

Fellow, John Jay Institute (Fall 2018)

During the fall of 2018, Tim lived in an historic manor as a Fellow with the John Jay Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Institute’s vision is a renewal of American civilization by preparing the country’s future leaders for faith-informed public service.

One of eight Fellows, Tim lived in a close-knit community of college graduates who come from varying universities and disciplines, but all share the Christian faith. They began and ended their days with community prayer and attended seminars on political philosophy and the role of religion in society hosted by the Institute’s President, Dr. Greg Schaller. This academic program is highly intensive and consumes much of the Fellows’ time, but they learn a great amount in a short semester. Tim says that the Liberal Arts education he received from Magdalen College equipped him well for the academic rigor of the John Jay Institute. “Both place great emphasis on the reading of primary texts and the discussion of great ideas through Socratic-style seminars. Entering the Fellowship feels like a natural next step in my educational experience.”

When the Fellows were not hard at work studying, they took day trips to important historical and cultural sites in Philadelphia to bring them into contact with past generations and contemporary leaders who are making a difference in the world today. This year, the Fellows visited Independence Hall and Valley Forge as well as Logan Hope School, a private K-12 for underprivileged children.

One of Tim’s favorite pillars of the program was hospitality. On Wednesdays, the Fellows hosted afternoon tea for members of the local community and Cairn University featuring presentations by the Fellows, ranging from piano performances and Gregorian chant to “Don Quixote” and Dante. On Thursdays, the Fellows prepared and hosted a formal dinner for distinguished guests at the manor.