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As part of its Career Pathways Program, Magdalen College hosted Mr. Michael Casey on Thursday night, January 31, as he talked to students about how to land their dream job.

Mr. Casey, who has had twenty-two jobs over the last fifty-two years, and who now works as a volunteer after successfully operating his own online company, told students that it is important to know yourself and your strengths, so that you can be intentional about what fields you decide to enter.  “Reflect on what you love doing and what your strengths are,” he said.  “You are selling yourself, and you are selling those skills, but you’re also getting a position you like and that will make you happy, too.”  Mr. Michael Casey delivers a Career Pathways Workshop on LinkedIn

Mr. Casey emphasized the importance of internships and part-time jobs in finding out if you really want to pursue a particular career.  He also showed students the basics of using the online networking tool LinkedIn to find connections and job offers that they might not know about otherwise.

“Mr. Casey gave a very clear and practical roadmap for us to set ourselves up for success as we set out into the workforce. He also described how to establish and leverage connections, especially through LinkedIn. I will certainly be using what I’ve learned in this workshop as I make my way out into the workforce,” said Joe McGrath, ‘20.

The college’s Career Pathways Program provides students with the tools to be intentional about their job search.  The program includes frequent workshops on important skills, such as professional etiquette, interviewing skills, and using online job-finding resources.  They also provide students with internship opportunities to get real-world experience of careers they are interested in.

– Contributed by John Milliken, ’22



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