Alumna Co-Authors Screenplay for Major Fátima Film

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Magdalen College is proud to announce that Dr. Barbara Nicolosi Harrington, ‘94, has co-written the screenplay for Fátima, a film to be released nationwide on 1000 screens.  The film features Harvey Keitel and Sonia Braga as part of an international cast.

The college will be scheduling a screening of the film for the fall of 2020 with a lecture featuring Dr. Nicolosi Harrington.

Dr. Nicolosi Harrington is an Associate Professor at Regent University where she is the Coordinator of Script and Screenwriting Programs.

Originally from Portsmouth, Rhode Island, Dr. Nicolosi Harrington is a screenwriter, producer, columnist, and radio host.  She earned her Ph.D. in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University, in the United Kingdom.  She is the Founder and Chair Emeritus of “Act One,” and has taught screenwriting, entertainment ethics, and theology at a number of universities.  Most recently, she helped found the Great Books Honors College at Azusa Pacific University, in Azusa, California.

Dr. Nicolosi Harrington is a member of the Writers Guild of America (West) and has written screenplays for several Hollywood entities.  She served as executive producer of the 2010 Origin Entertainment 3D documentary Cosmic Origins and the award-winning short film In Memory.  She has been a script analyst, production company executive, and consultant on scores of entertainment projects including the features The Passion of the Christ and That Evening Sun, and the television shows “Joan of Arcadia” (CBS) and “Saving Grace” (TNT).

Dr. Nicolosi Harrington has received numerous awards and published widely.  She co-wrote Notes for Screenwriters:  Advancing Your Story, Screenplay and Career With Whatever Hollywood Throws at You in 2015 and co-edited Behind the Screen:  Hollywood Insiders on Faith and Culture published in 2005.

Her new film, Fátima, will be released by AMC, Cinemark, Harkins and Regal theaters (among others).  Its trailer may be seen here.

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