Classical Languages

Classical Languages at Magdalen College


Whether you already have experience in classical languages or are just looking to get started, we are offering a special two-week immersion course for students who would like to gain or develop their Latin skills while also learning basic Greek. The class is primarily directed towards high schoolers and recently graduated students; however, anyone is welcome no matter the age or experience level.

Greek: The emphasis in Greek will be on acquiring basic reading and writing skills that will prepare the student for either continued independent studies or for additional Greek training with an instructor. The goal is to establish a significant connection between the two languages (Greek and Latin) and to develop a strong command of the basic elements of Greek.

Latin: An emphasis in Latin will be that students use the language in an active way which, along with reading, will require some composition, dialogue and–depending on the level of the student–oral presentation/s. Latin instruction and assignments will be customized for learners of any skill level from beginner to highly advanced. The goal is to get each participant comfortable with how Latin works at their specific level and to establish a solid vocabulary which can be accessed both passively (when reading/listening) and actively (when thinking/talking).


Summer 2020 dates to be announced soon.


$300 – Commuter Students

$600 – Residential Students (room and board included) 

*The college will run shuttles to and from Manchester Airport and Concord Bus Terminal for students attending the program.

Daily Schedule

8:30-10:30 Greek

11:00-12:00 Mass (confession available at 10:30)

12:00-1:00 Lunch with optional Mensa Latina–conversational Latin during the meal

1:30-4:30 Latin

6:00-7:00 Dinner


Required Materials

For Latin, all class materials will be provided by the instructor; however, you must bring your own Latin dictionary. If you do not already have a Latin dictionary, you might consider purchasing this one: click here.

For Greek, all students must have a copy of Athenaze, Book I, which you can purchase by clicking the link.


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