2021 Senior Theses

During their final year at the college, seniors have the opportunity to write a thesis and introduce the fruit of their study to their peers and members of the faculty through a sustained presentation and discussion of their work.

This year’s senior theses included:

  • Here I Am: A Reflection on Human Understanding and Divine Providence in Boethius’ The Consolation of Philosophy and the Book of Job by Rose Phelps
  • Atomized Man and How He Contributes to Totalitarian Movements by Joseph Warnert
  • Jay Gatsby: A Failed Life and the Beauty Contained Within It by Katelyn Anderson
  • “And all these things shall be added unto you…”: Justice, Saint Louis, and the Compatibility of Sanctity and Rulership by Aaron Beecher
  • Leisure and Contemplation: The Fight Against Nihilism by Hannah Lanier
  • A Time to Laugh: The Place of Laughter in Man’s Relationship with God by Catherine Orlowski
  • What We Do in Life Echoes in Eternity: A Reflection on the Nature of Spiritual Warfare by Julia Anthon

The senior thesis reflects the breadth and depth of a Magdalen College education as well as the particular interests of each student. Academic Dean Brian FitzGerald explains: “The thesis is a powerful way for seniors to reflect on all they have learned here and then hone in on a question or issue of particular importance to them. As they begin to master their individual topics, they come to see how their own questions relate to a larger conversation which great writers, thinkers, and artists have engaged in for centuries.”

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